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Bobble Blanket

Angel Baby Bobble (Popcorn) Blanket

All you need to know for this blanket is a popcorn or bobble stitch.

What you're going to do is 1 sc, 1 triple crochet (tc), and then you repeat that all the way across - make sure to start and end your rows with a sc. After the first row you will need to have 2 sc at the beginning and the end of each row. That will make your edges nice and even.

This is a perfect blanket to use for the angel babies because there are no holes for tiny fingers and toes to get caught in.

Caron Simply Soft yarn
F hook
Size: 10"X10" for 16 week size, 12"X12" for 20 week size - can be made any length, really. I make the chain as long as I want then for rows just keep going until I have a square size.

For more angel baby info and crochet patterns (including best yarn types and colors) click HERE

The tricky part of this blanket is the first row. You'll want to use a no chain foundation - then do a sc, tc, sc, tc, until you have enough length. If you're doing angel blankets aim for 10 inches or more.

If you've never done a no chain foundation - the basic idea is that you'll do your regular stitch along with an extra chain before you start your stitch. It takes a little getting used to - but this will help your blanket lay flat by the time you're done. If you just do a regular chain it will be too tight. So here's how it works. I'm sure you could also find youtube videos that would show this - but here are some pictures. This is specifically for this pattern. You can also do this no chain foundation with lots of other patterns - mostly I've seen it used with double crochet stitches instead of a sc and a tc - but I think you can get the idea from this.

Row 1: Chain 3

now you're going to go in the first chain 1. You're going to do a sc but first you want to do a chain. To make the chain you're going to pull the yarn though that first chain 1 (kind of like a slip stitch - but not though both loops)

Now do your sc

First through one loop (can you see the chain now?)

Then through the other loop

Now you'll do a triple crochet. Wrap the yarn around your hook twice.

Now go into the chain you made for the last stitch:

Pull yarn though one loop (the chain)

Now start doing your tc

yarn through one loop

Then two

Then two more

Then both that are left

Now this should push your crocheting so that it looks uneven. That's ok - because that is what will make the popcorn stitch. Now do another sc using the same no chain method as above - you'll make the 'chain' in the chain of the last stitch.

Now you'll just vary sc and tc the rest of the way. All of your tc should kind of squish down to make them about the same height as the sc stitches. They'll poke out to one side - have them all go out the same way- though you can push them the other way if you try. But you'll want them all on the same side on one row.

Then do another tc with no chain - and just keep repeating a sc and a tc without the chain until you get your desired length. Make sure to end with a sc

Chain 1 - turn
Row 2 - sc in first sc, sc in first tc, *tc in next sc, sc in next tc, *   Repeat * to *. All of your tc or bauble stitches should poke out the opposite way from the row before. End on a sc in the first sc of the previous row. Make sure to start and end each row with a sc stitch or you'll end up with a mess.

And that's all there is to the blanket.

Here are a couple I've done:

Full sized baby blanket

For these stripes I did 5 rows cream, 5 rows purple, 5 rows cream, 10 rows pink - then repeated - ending with cream. Sc around the edge and then a shell stitch to make a ruffle.

 close up of the baubles:

Angel baby blanket - plain color - sc around the edge with cream and then a crab stitch.

Full sized baby blanket. Same stripe pattern as the one above - but different colors - sc around the edge.

For more angel baby info and crochet patterns (including best yarn types and colors) click HERE

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! But it's going to take me a while to figure out that no-foundation thing.