Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tiniest Angel Gowns

Generic Gown - Medium size
Small pattern instructions at the bottom

Made with Caron simply soft yarn - F hook
Medium size outfits - typically fit 17-19 week angel babies
Estimate number of these outfits needed: 35% large, 50% medium, 15% small

SH = 3 stitches in one stitch (for these gowns that is 3 sc in one stitch)
You can also check this page for a photo tutorial of a similar outfit if you get stuck a little. It feels like there's no way it will work but get through row 10 and you'll see that it's working great.

Ch 21 - turn
Row 1: 3 sc, SH, 3 sc, SH, 4 sc, SH, 3 sc, SH, 3 sc, ch 1, turn
Row 2: sc 4, SH, sc 5, SH, sc 6, SH, sc 5, SH, sc 3, sc 2 in last stitch ch 1 - turn
Row 3: sc 6, SH, sc 7, SH, sc 8, SH, sc 7, SH, sc 4, sc 2 in last stitch (total of 6 sc on that last section) ch 1 - turn
Row 4: sc 7, SH, sc 9, SH, sc 10, SH, sc 9, SH, sc 6, sc 2 in last stitch (total of 8 sc) ch 1 - turn
Row 5: 9 sc, hdc 12, slip stitch the sleeve together, sc across the middle of the outfit (12 stitches). At the other sleeve you'll do the same thing - hdc 12,  slip stitch both sides together to create sleeve, sc across the back with 2 in the last stitch (10 sc).
Row 6: sc 30, sc 2 in last stitch - total of 32. ch 1 - turn (Under each sleeve at the place where you slip stitched the sleeve together instead of putting your hook under both loops  like normal put your hook under the entire slip stitch and make your stitch that way. It will help your outfit look flatter and it will set the rest of your rows straight.)
Row 7: sc 31, sc 2 in last stitch - total of 33. ch 1 - turn
Row 8-22: sc 33 across
Edge the whole outfit. Along one side make sure to leave button holes. I usually make one at the bottom, one where the flap comes down and one near the neck. All you need to do to make button holes is chain 2 and skip one stitch. You can also make ties if you want to.

This goes nicely with the tiniest size of crocheted diapers.

Here's a variation: 

For ruffles - instead of closing off the sleeve: in first stitch 1 slip stitch, chain 1, 2 half double, chain 1, 1slip stitch (all in one stitch) - then skip the next stitch - and then do the tiny shell in the next stitch all the way across - should be 6 ruffles. Close off the sleeve after the ruffles.

For ruffle on the bottom of the kimono gown - on row 21 (second to the last stitch) sc 2 in each stitch. On row 22: sc in first stitch, skip one, 3 dc in the next stitch, skip one, sc in the next stitch - repeat all the way across.

You can also edge these with the Crab Stitch - which helps the outfits keep their shape and makes them look extra darling. 

If you  make this same pattern with thinner yarn - Mary Maxim Baby's Best sport weight is what I've been using - and a small hook, I've been using a B hook, the outfits will be small enough for 15-16 week size babies. This is the smallest size outfits that are needed. The crochet headbands are too big for these outfits. In the process of getting a hat pattern to go with these small outfits. The smallest size diaper pattern works great with these outfits.

For more angel baby info and crochet patterns (including best yarn types and colors) click HERE


  1. As I'm doing this...
    Shouldn't I be doing two sc in the last stitch of row 2, followed in row 3 by two sc in the FIRST stitch? Putting it at the end each time would extend BOTH sides of the gown, right? Or was that what you were going for?

    1. You don't want to add too many extra stitches in too short of a time. The next row will have more stitches but you only add extra stitches at the end of each row or it will go too quickly like the tiny diapers.

  2. SH means shell stitch - or 3 sc in one stitch. I will update that in the pattern. Thank you!

  3. There are only 36 stitches in row 3 how do I add the 46 that are called for in row 3?

    1. You won't need to add 46 stitches - just do 3 sc in each of the SH spots and it should bump your number up the way it needs to go. Is that any help? I'm a little unsure of the problem.

  4. Oh! I wasn't counting correctly, this turned out so sweet even if I was confused :) Thank you.

  5. Oh good! I'm glad it worked for you!

  6. Thank you. Cousin just had a 2# twin and lost the other. She has nothing for baby until newborn size. So happy to find this free.

  7. I am so sorry to hear of a loss. Hope these patterns help. Best of luck.

  8. Can I help you guys? Can you email me so I can help?

  9. Just found this pattern. I've been looking for these sizes for quite some time for our local hospital. On the kimono pattern, when making a ruffle, I do, 3dc, skip 1, then slip stitch in next. Gives the ruffle a little more definition.

    1. Sure! You can do that if you'd like to!