Sunday, December 2, 2012

Birthday Letter - E 2012

My Dearest Emmett,
How did you get to be 1 already? I was recently looking back at pictures of you when you were first born and I was amazed at how tiny you used to be! You weighed less than 6 pounds when you were born. Even in newborn sized clothes you were drowning for a few weeks. You're definitely not that small any more. You're not huge for your age - but you are really stocky and solid. I am amazed at how well you walk already. The other night at our ward party you walked all around the outside of the gym and you only fell once or twice. I can tell you're trying to learn to run so you can catch up to Caleb.

You sure do love your big brother. The two of you have a very special bond. I don't know which of you worships the other more - but it sure is fun to watch you guys together. The other day Caleb was really sleepy and kind of zoning out sitting on the floor. You got a very concerned look on your face and walked over and patted him on the head - like you were trying to make sure he was ok. It was so sweet. You are a very loving person. You love to plop down in any open lap and offer snuggles and kisses. I love snuggles and kisses! Sometimes I wonder how much of my makeup you're getting in your mouth when you give me such drooly kisses - but I love them anyway.

One of my favorite things you do is when you suddenly catch sight of me and say, "Mom, mom, mom," and you wander over for a hug. You don't say a whole lot of words yet - but you do love to babble. Sometimes Caleb and I babble back to you. Caleb thinks it's really funny when we are all talking baby talk. When Caleb starts laughing you know it's funny too and you start laughing. Sometimes both of you are even laughing fake laughs. It always makes me laugh - sometimes I even fake laugh with you - but that usually gets us laughing pretty hard.

You are learning to love music. You like to "sing" and I love watching you dance. You kind of bounce up and down on your tip toes. You also like to bob your head to music. It's so fun to watch you. You love to climb and get into EVERYTHING and as much as possible goes into your mouth. Your favorite things to get into are the things I've taken away from you numerous times. Sometimes you are a little turkey that way!

I'm not sure exactly why it is that you don't like to sleep through the night. Sometimes you do, but more often than not you're up at night. Sometimes we are very tired. But no matter how long we're up at night or how many times you've been up recently, I find a certain peace just holding you in my arms and snuggling you. It's a really special peace. I just can't help but love and adore you even when it's 3 am and I'm totally exhausted. Perhaps it's because I've become so much more aware of how many mommies don't get to hold their babies and wish they could be up in the middle of the night holding their precious little ones. Whatever the case - I often find myself feeling grateful that I get to hold you in the middle of the night.

Emmett, you have been so good for me. I feel so much more complete since you came into our lives. It seems as though you are the healing balm that seems to make everything better. Life isn't without it's scars and hard times, but you have made my hard times seem so much less and the wonderful times so much better. I'm so glad to have you in my life, little one. Happy Birthday - and many more ahead.

Love Mom

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