Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby does the blogging - 1 year old!

I am 1 now! I have no idea what that means - but Caleb and Mom and Dad keep telling me over and over so it must be important.

I love walking! I'm even getting good enough that it's easier than crawling and I choose to walk any chance I get. I am very sturdy and I can walk a long ways without falling down. Walking helps me get into things even better than I did before. I love to climb on anything shorter than I am and then I get into things that are much too high for me to get into.

My birthday was so much fun! I loved opening presents. I got so excited when I opened my first present that I said, "ooooooooooh!" (my excited explicative) and then I did a funny fake laugh. Mom and Dad were laughing so hard. I was so excited by everything that I kept doing the fake laugh all night long. Mom even took pictures.

I loved my cupcake too. I tried to get it from Dad while the candle was still in it. I wasn't sure what to do when Dad told me to blow out my candle so he had to help me. As soon as I got it in my hands I started eating it. It was so yummy! I wasn't as fond of the frosting part - but I loved the cake. I didn't really get what all the fuss was over - but I'm pretty sure my birthday was the best day of my life.

Mom's been trying to get pictures done but she can't find the balloons she's looking for to use for the backdrop. So we'll still have to wait a few more days to get pictures done.

I've been learning to sing with Caleb. I babble along with him almost every time he starts singing. Caleb has been teaching me lots of other good things - especially taking care of people. The other day Caleb was really sleepy and sitting on the floor zoning out. I walked over to him and patted his head to make sure he was ok.

I love to snuggle and I plop into any available lap and expect that person to love me. I love to give kisses too - usually the person I kiss gets a big wet spot on their face. I love to kiss blankets and stuffed animals too.  I love any soft, snuggly thing that comes into my reach. My blanket is one of my favorite things in the whole world. The other day Mom gave it to me just as it got out of the dryer. I felt like my life was complete.

I love to wrestle and climb on anyone who sits down on the floor. I am always on the move and hardly stop moving until I fall asleep.

I have 6 teeth - four on top and two on bottom. I love eating everything put in front of me besides tortillas and bread. I am very attached to my bottle and sometimes refuse to sleep without it.

 I am fearless! I am always running into things, falling off things, and ending up with bruises and scrapes all over. Most of the time Mom can't even figure out what I've done because there were so many times I fell that day.

 I keep getting this particular mark on my head from running into the corner of the wall between the living room and the hall. I keep getting long skinny bruises on my forehead from this particular activity.

I love bath time and splashing. Even when I get water in my face and it makes me feel panicked I still love bath time and as soon as I can breath again I am right back at playing in the tub. I'm not afraid of anything!

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