Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Tree Lighting"

We'll miss this tradition this year. It's still the strangest tradition I've ever seen. But it was so much fun! Sam claims he wants to do this when we have a house of our own. I think it sounds fun to me!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1 year picture

Finally got pictures done tonight. Would you believe how hard it is to find balloons???? Trust me - it was crazy. Finally I just got some big balloons and only blew them up part way.

Happy Birthday - little turkey!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby does the blogging - 1 year old!

I am 1 now! I have no idea what that means - but Caleb and Mom and Dad keep telling me over and over so it must be important.

I love walking! I'm even getting good enough that it's easier than crawling and I choose to walk any chance I get. I am very sturdy and I can walk a long ways without falling down. Walking helps me get into things even better than I did before. I love to climb on anything shorter than I am and then I get into things that are much too high for me to get into.

My birthday was so much fun! I loved opening presents. I got so excited when I opened my first present that I said, "ooooooooooh!" (my excited explicative) and then I did a funny fake laugh. Mom and Dad were laughing so hard. I was so excited by everything that I kept doing the fake laugh all night long. Mom even took pictures.

I loved my cupcake too. I tried to get it from Dad while the candle was still in it. I wasn't sure what to do when Dad told me to blow out my candle so he had to help me. As soon as I got it in my hands I started eating it. It was so yummy! I wasn't as fond of the frosting part - but I loved the cake. I didn't really get what all the fuss was over - but I'm pretty sure my birthday was the best day of my life.

Mom's been trying to get pictures done but she can't find the balloons she's looking for to use for the backdrop. So we'll still have to wait a few more days to get pictures done.

I've been learning to sing with Caleb. I babble along with him almost every time he starts singing. Caleb has been teaching me lots of other good things - especially taking care of people. The other day Caleb was really sleepy and sitting on the floor zoning out. I walked over to him and patted his head to make sure he was ok.

I love to snuggle and I plop into any available lap and expect that person to love me. I love to give kisses too - usually the person I kiss gets a big wet spot on their face. I love to kiss blankets and stuffed animals too.  I love any soft, snuggly thing that comes into my reach. My blanket is one of my favorite things in the whole world. The other day Mom gave it to me just as it got out of the dryer. I felt like my life was complete.

I love to wrestle and climb on anyone who sits down on the floor. I am always on the move and hardly stop moving until I fall asleep.

I have 6 teeth - four on top and two on bottom. I love eating everything put in front of me besides tortillas and bread. I am very attached to my bottle and sometimes refuse to sleep without it.

 I am fearless! I am always running into things, falling off things, and ending up with bruises and scrapes all over. Most of the time Mom can't even figure out what I've done because there were so many times I fell that day.

 I keep getting this particular mark on my head from running into the corner of the wall between the living room and the hall. I keep getting long skinny bruises on my forehead from this particular activity.

I love bath time and splashing. Even when I get water in my face and it makes me feel panicked I still love bath time and as soon as I can breath again I am right back at playing in the tub. I'm not afraid of anything!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tiniest Angel Gowns

Generic Gown - Medium size
Small pattern instructions at the bottom

Made with Caron simply soft yarn - F hook
Medium size outfits - typically fit 17-19 week angel babies
Estimate number of these outfits needed: 35% large, 50% medium, 15% small

SH = 3 stitches in one stitch (for these gowns that is 3 sc in one stitch)
You can also check this page for a photo tutorial of a similar outfit if you get stuck a little. It feels like there's no way it will work but get through row 10 and you'll see that it's working great.

Ch 21 - turn
Row 1: 3 sc, SH, 3 sc, SH, 4 sc, SH, 3 sc, SH, 3 sc, ch 1, turn
Row 2: sc 4, SH, sc 5, SH, sc 6, SH, sc 5, SH, sc 3, sc 2 in last stitch ch 1 - turn
Row 3: sc 6, SH, sc 7, SH, sc 8, SH, sc 7, SH, sc 4, sc 2 in last stitch (total of 6 sc on that last section) ch 1 - turn
Row 4: sc 7, SH, sc 9, SH, sc 10, SH, sc 9, SH, sc 6, sc 2 in last stitch (total of 8 sc) ch 1 - turn
Row 5: 9 sc, hdc 12, slip stitch the sleeve together, sc across the middle of the outfit (12 stitches). At the other sleeve you'll do the same thing - hdc 12,  slip stitch both sides together to create sleeve, sc across the back with 2 in the last stitch (10 sc).
Row 6: sc 30, sc 2 in last stitch - total of 32. ch 1 - turn (Under each sleeve at the place where you slip stitched the sleeve together instead of putting your hook under both loops  like normal put your hook under the entire slip stitch and make your stitch that way. It will help your outfit look flatter and it will set the rest of your rows straight.)
Row 7: sc 31, sc 2 in last stitch - total of 33. ch 1 - turn
Row 8-22: sc 33 across
Edge the whole outfit. Along one side make sure to leave button holes. I usually make one at the bottom, one where the flap comes down and one near the neck. All you need to do to make button holes is chain 2 and skip one stitch. You can also make ties if you want to.

This goes nicely with the tiniest size of crocheted diapers.

Here's a variation: 

For ruffles - instead of closing off the sleeve: in first stitch 1 slip stitch, chain 1, 2 half double, chain 1, 1slip stitch (all in one stitch) - then skip the next stitch - and then do the tiny shell in the next stitch all the way across - should be 6 ruffles. Close off the sleeve after the ruffles.

For ruffle on the bottom of the kimono gown - on row 21 (second to the last stitch) sc 2 in each stitch. On row 22: sc in first stitch, skip one, 3 dc in the next stitch, skip one, sc in the next stitch - repeat all the way across.

You can also edge these with the Crab Stitch - which helps the outfits keep their shape and makes them look extra darling. 

If you  make this same pattern with thinner yarn - Mary Maxim Baby's Best sport weight is what I've been using - and a small hook, I've been using a B hook, the outfits will be small enough for 15-16 week size babies. This is the smallest size outfits that are needed. The crochet headbands are too big for these outfits. In the process of getting a hat pattern to go with these small outfits. The smallest size diaper pattern works great with these outfits.

For more angel baby info and crochet patterns (including best yarn types and colors) click HERE

Birthday Letter - E 2012

My Dearest Emmett,
How did you get to be 1 already? I was recently looking back at pictures of you when you were first born and I was amazed at how tiny you used to be! You weighed less than 6 pounds when you were born. Even in newborn sized clothes you were drowning for a few weeks. You're definitely not that small any more. You're not huge for your age - but you are really stocky and solid. I am amazed at how well you walk already. The other night at our ward party you walked all around the outside of the gym and you only fell once or twice. I can tell you're trying to learn to run so you can catch up to Caleb.

You sure do love your big brother. The two of you have a very special bond. I don't know which of you worships the other more - but it sure is fun to watch you guys together. The other day Caleb was really sleepy and kind of zoning out sitting on the floor. You got a very concerned look on your face and walked over and patted him on the head - like you were trying to make sure he was ok. It was so sweet. You are a very loving person. You love to plop down in any open lap and offer snuggles and kisses. I love snuggles and kisses! Sometimes I wonder how much of my makeup you're getting in your mouth when you give me such drooly kisses - but I love them anyway.

One of my favorite things you do is when you suddenly catch sight of me and say, "Mom, mom, mom," and you wander over for a hug. You don't say a whole lot of words yet - but you do love to babble. Sometimes Caleb and I babble back to you. Caleb thinks it's really funny when we are all talking baby talk. When Caleb starts laughing you know it's funny too and you start laughing. Sometimes both of you are even laughing fake laughs. It always makes me laugh - sometimes I even fake laugh with you - but that usually gets us laughing pretty hard.

You are learning to love music. You like to "sing" and I love watching you dance. You kind of bounce up and down on your tip toes. You also like to bob your head to music. It's so fun to watch you. You love to climb and get into EVERYTHING and as much as possible goes into your mouth. Your favorite things to get into are the things I've taken away from you numerous times. Sometimes you are a little turkey that way!

I'm not sure exactly why it is that you don't like to sleep through the night. Sometimes you do, but more often than not you're up at night. Sometimes we are very tired. But no matter how long we're up at night or how many times you've been up recently, I find a certain peace just holding you in my arms and snuggling you. It's a really special peace. I just can't help but love and adore you even when it's 3 am and I'm totally exhausted. Perhaps it's because I've become so much more aware of how many mommies don't get to hold their babies and wish they could be up in the middle of the night holding their precious little ones. Whatever the case - I often find myself feeling grateful that I get to hold you in the middle of the night.

Emmett, you have been so good for me. I feel so much more complete since you came into our lives. It seems as though you are the healing balm that seems to make everything better. Life isn't without it's scars and hard times, but you have made my hard times seem so much less and the wonderful times so much better. I'm so glad to have you in my life, little one. Happy Birthday - and many more ahead.

Love Mom