Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Angel baby crochet outfits

I've been trying to find more ways to use embellishments lately. It's really fun to see how outfits can go from a cute outfit to a darling outfit with very little effort. 

These No-Sew Hats are great! I just tied on the little blue teddy bear button with a knot. I hot glued the rosebud onto the knot. 

This 16 week rosebud set is currently my favorite:

I hot glued my roses on - though I have heard of some other glues that might work as well/better. They seem to be sturdy enough for now. I've taken this outfit out a number of times and even fit it to the little 16 week size doll someone made for me and there is no danger of the roses coming off yet. I sewed the buttons on first then I didn't like the way they looked so I glued the rosebuds over them. Make sure the hot glue doesn't accidentally close your outfit off!

I've also been working to mix and match sets a little more so that everything isn't all the same color. One thing I've been playing with quite a bit is using the sewn Teeny Tears diapers with crochet sets. Someone else did these diapers - and inspired me to glue things onto the safety pins on the diapers:

One thing to be sure of is that your safety pins can still open and close with something glued on. The roses are hot glued on to one side of the safety pin so that it can still open. The buttons cover almost the whole head of the safety pin - but are nice and flat so you can still open and close them.

What other embellishing ideas do you have? I need to try this a little more - it makes the outfits have an extra measure of cuteness!

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  1. Those really are cute! I'm one that never learned the art of embellishment/accessorizing so I admire you efforts in this area. They are worth it!