Friday, January 14, 2011


If you hear Cyam say, "I wonder...."
You might be in for a lesson in dynamics, fluids, or some other such engineering class.
Luckily for you he is a good teacher and very patient.

If you hear Little Squirt say, "nuh-nuh..."
He may want a drink of milk.
Or he may want a snack.
Or he may want lunch.
Or he may just want attention.
It's up to you to figure it out.

If you hear Little Squirt say, "Day -doo..."
That means Thank You.
He says it so much you may not be able to figure out what he is thanking you for.

If you hear Tasty Jane say, "Let me get the camera..."
You better stay right where you are
and keep on doing what you are doing.

If Little Squirt is wearing cute jammies...
I may consider letting him wear them all day.

If Little Squirt crosses his arms in front of him...
That means it is time to pray.

If you are missing objects...
Check the bathtub.
That is Little Squirt's favorite place to stash things.

If the engineers decide to sew a cover for a project...
Tell them to leave the sewing to someone else -
And stick to building things.

If Little Squirt brings you a pair of pants...
He may want his footie jammies off.

If you let Little Squirt play on the couch...
He may figure out how to push the cushions off.

If you play Labyrinth with Cyam...
You might win - if you get lucky-
and all the stars align perfectly.

If Little Squirt eats applesauce (or pudding salad) on his own...
He will be very messy - but he will be so very happy.

If the engineers send fabric to your home in hopes you will help with their sewing project...
Tell them to leave the sewing to someone else -
And stick to building things.

If Little Squirt hands you a winter headband...
That means he is ready to leave. He may also wave bye-bye in the middle of your conversation. That means he is definitely ready to go.

If you find the remote to the DVD player...
Please let me know. I've looked for 2 days and still haven't found it.
A yes - I already checked the bathtub.....

If Little Squirt is standing at your feet and saying, "two..."
That means he wants you to play with him.
(Usually throwing him in the air is his favorite - especially when you count - "One, two, three!"

If you hear Little Squirt say, "two....three..."
Watch out - he's probably going to throw something.

If you decide it would be easier to use the shower to clean up a diaper blow-out...
Know that Little Squirtdoes not like the shower - not even a little bit.

If Little Squirt is begging to get into the highchair...
He may not want to eat - he may just want to make faces at himself in the mirror.

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