Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Called to Serve

All missionaries in Sendai and Tokyo are being relocated to Fukuoka, Kobe or Nagoya. My brother is going to the Kobe mission. It is the middle of the night there now but in the morning they will be transferred by bus. My brother's companion is in his last transfer - meaning the last month or so of his mission. He will be heading home as soon as they can get him on a flight. All missionaries who are within a month of going home will be doing this. It is sad for the missionaries. This missionary sent an email home which was forwarded to my parents. I want to share part of his email.

his morning, the worst of the news has hit me. turns out, becaues of the radiation, i am getting sent home a month early! boy was i not ready for that. all the other missionaries are being sent to other missions for the time being but those who are going home at the end of this transfer are "leaving as soon as possible". when we got the email this morning i couldnt believe it! i was so bummed! i just am not emotionaly prepared to go home yet!! i just wanna go help the people down in the mud!! but, i've been trying to keep the song "I'll go where you want me to go" in my head. my orders today along with all the other missionaries is to pack and stay inside.

my head is spinning like a top but i just thought i'd let you know that i am so happy...... so happy to be a missionary!!!! i have never appreciated it as much as i have now. it's always been awesome to be a missionary but it really really rocks! i just wish i could help more! God really does love these people and i know that. i really love these people and i know that. (wow, all of the sudden i am a little teary eyed) it has been the best time ever serving them!! i dont know what exactly is going to happen from here and some things in the plan will probably change but i do know that i am thankful for every second to be a missionary and for the opportunity to tell anybody and everybody that they are God's children and that He loves them. I love this work and i love these people. I'm gonna do my best to serve to the end.

I love his testimony of missionary work. As the parents of missionaries have been getting letters they've been forwarding them around. This enthusiasm and love of missionary work is present in all of these boys. Missionary work is amazing. I know the Lord has been watching out for his missionaries. They are all safe and being taken care of.

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