Thursday, March 24, 2011

Point and Shoot Camera Tip #1

The first step to improving your photos with your point and shoot camera is working on lighting. Natural light is best for photos, especially window light. In the winters here in Idaho we get a lot of good window light. Clouds diffuse the light - or break it up. Direct sunlight is pretty harsh and leave shadows, but when there are clouds (especially when it is still bright outside) it is about the best lighting you could get. If you're indoors and using window light turn off the other lights in the room. Incandescent (light) bulbs are great to help us see, but make photo subjects appear pretty flat.

Also, turn the flash on your camera off. Most point and shoot cameras have a little lightening symbol on a button and by pushing it, sometimes three or four times, you can get the flash to go off. My point and shoot camera has 3 options I can get by pushing the flash button: Auto Flash, Flash On, Flash Off.

Using the flash can help you get a photo when it's kind of dark, but a camera's flash will make a photo look flat. Photos taken without a flash and with good lighting are pleasing to the eye. It's fairly simple to turn off the flash and it will improve your photos immensely.

Photo with flash - Photo without flash

Photos are unedited

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