Friday, May 6, 2011

18 month photo shoot

Took two days, 3 adults, 1 frisbee and lots of photoshopping - but we managed to get Squirt's 18 month photos taken. Here are the photos from his perspective:

Hmmm - are you really sure you want to see all these pictures? There are a lot. But they're pretty cute.

This is my Calvin (and Hobbs) face

A typical Squirt face

I'm surprised you made it this far

Ok I'm bored - let's go play somewhere.

Ok, Mom. I'll smile for Brandilyn...but I'll slouch against the wall since you're STILL making me get pictures taken

I'm really done getting pictures taken

Ok - here's a smile. See? I smiled.

Hmmm - maybe I'll go play somewhere else

Yay for playing!

And after 2 days worth of shooting - you might get pictures I might smile just a little...against the one backdrop Mom doesn't really like.

And then I'll try out the three small stairs nearby and face plant - into the door - resulting in tears, bumps, tears, scrapes, screaming, tears, and an inconsolable little squirt.

And then Dad might just show me the motorcycle

And I won't even think about liking it until he honks the horn.

And then I'll have to try it. And the tears will stop for a moment.

Then we'll all take a trip to Grandma's house to decompress and forget about everything for a while.

Then Mom will spend a few hours photoshopping to get a picture she really likes.

But it is a pretty good picture, don't you think?

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