Monday, May 2, 2011

A weekend with an 18 month old

Friday afternoon: After Dad came home we went on a walk to the library. When we got almost home, at the top of our 44 stairs, Squirt wet all over himself and the stairs. After some investigating we realized he managed to get his own diaper off...while wearing overalls. And the overalls weren't even un-snapped at all.

Saturday morning: Just as Dad was getting ready to head out the door to go to scouts Squirt threw up all over - including all over the blankets I was wrapped up in. Sam ended up staying home from scouts - so I didn't join in - but I was tempted.

Sunday evening at Grandma and Grandpa's house: Squirt was eating an orange - then choked - and turned blue. Dad flipped him over and pounded him hard. And Squirt spit out the orange. And cried and cried. It was a bit scary for all of us though I think Squirt recovered the quickest.

Monday morning: Squirt had a major diaper blow out that necessitated a bath for him and clean sheets for his bed. He didn't seem to mind me using the shower head to rinse him off nearly as much as he used to.

I think that's enough adventures for a while, don't you? Perhaps this is just welcome to being the mom of an 18 month old. And yet everyone keeps asking if it's easier to not be house sitting any more. I suppose in some ways it is - but in other's just more crazy. I suppose that's life - right?

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