Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Balloon Surprise!

Here are a few pictures of the gender reveal - in case you can't get the video to work.

Blue and green balloons....

Caleb's reaction was my favorite - he sure loved all the balloons floating to the ceiling.

Sam's reaction was the next best - he said, "That was AWESOME!"

And then we ate yummy little blue cupcakes.

And Caleb got a ride in the spinny chair from Dave.

Yes, it's true. Brandilyn and Dave are the best neighbors ever.

On the way to tell Grandma about the balloons.

Oh - and we asked Caleb if he could say brother. He said, "No. Balloon!" And we checked with him this morning - he still thinks that a baby says 'meow.' I wonder if he'll get the point by December.

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