Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Picture overload

The internet is working well this afternoon so I'm getting lots of pictures uploaded. They're not really in order - but at least they're here, right?
Caleb's favorite game at this time is washing dishes. He will ask to wash dishes - pull up his stool to wash dishes - and play in the water. He gets very distressed when I can't drop whatever I'm doing to "play" with him.

Caleb and Dad hiding in the hamper

Caleb with Tey and Emmett.
Caleb playing with some of his favorite characters - Lightening Mcqueen "cha - kow" and Mater "dad-gum"

Emmett in his new outfit from the Tietjens - I love this color on him.

I don't think Caleb knew he was laying the same way Emmett was - but it made me laugh.

I don't think Caleb knew he was laying the same way Emmett was - but it made me laugh.

About 2 weeks old
Caleb proudly showed off this trick the other night - He got up here and said "Caleb's flying!" Personally I thought he looked more like a beached whale.
When I laid Emmett down on the floor the other day Caleb decided he needed his own blanket so he could lay down next to Emmett.
My boys under the Christmas tree.
Brother love

More brother love

Playing with Dad - Caleb decided they all needed to be hiding.

Mom and the boys

Emmett is king of scratching his face. It seems like no matter how short of a time we have the mittens off his hands and no matter when we last cut his nails he manages to scratch his face. This was the worst though. I think he was about a week old when this happened. In fact - I think it was the day before I took his 1 week pictures. Thank heavens for photoshop.
Emmett all wrapped up in the Christmas blanket I made for him.

When Santa came to visit - 12/6/11 - from a student ward on campus and he brought Caleb an orange truck that he absolutely loves. They brought some other presents that are under the tree too.

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