Friday, January 27, 2012


"Today you are two, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is two-er than you."
At least, that's pretty close to what Dr. Seuess said right?

This statement definitely fits Caleb these days. He is good at being two.

Lately his favorite game is, "Mom....Mom...Mama...Mommy....Mom" And it doesn't matter how I respond to him, he seems like he can't think of anything else to say so he starts over again. Thank heavens for Grandmas who think that it's really cute to hear a grandchild say, "Grandma....Grandma...Grandma" because sometimes Mom just needs to hear a different word for a while.

I've been trying to teach Caleb what to say when people ask him his name. For a while he would say, "Caleb's name!" But this week we found his scrapbook and that has been the story he has wanted to read at bedtime and nap time. The first page has his full name so we always start the "story" with that. So now he tries to say his whole name when you ask him. Everything from "Thomas Robbins" to "CalebSamThomas Robbins" (not sure why he thinks Sam should be in his name at) and everything in between. He also thinks Emmett's middle name is Thomas too. At least he's finally getting that we all have the same last name. Though I'm not sure anyone who doesn't know him well will be able to figure out what he's saying...I guess I better be extra careful that he doesn't run off in the near future.

The other day Sam and Caleb went to the store for me. After seeing Dad get a list Caleb wanted one too. So I made him a list:

Not only did he return home with the list still in his hand, he apparently spent the whole time he was gone saying, "Mom. Thank you. List. Thank you. Mom. List." What a sweet boy. He totally made my day with that.
He absolutely loves being the big brother and makes sure that Emmett is always doing ok. A new phrase for him is "What's wrong, baby?" It's so cute when he asks - like at the end of this video.

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