Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Here's what the boys have been up to lately:
This is Caleb "" (ready to go to work)
And playing with the mailbox he got for Christmas from Grandma. Yes, it comes with little letters - but the cars are usually what you can find in the mailbox.
Caleb playing dress up
And Caleb's "pants on the ground" picture
Caleb loving his new hat from Sea World
Caleb giving Emmett a horsey ride
Emmett at 6 weeks old (I got told on this day that I better always dress him in blue because he could pass for a little girl because he is so gorgeous.)

And of course, Emmett's newest trick is smiling. We didn't catch it on camera until last week even though he's been smiling a little more every day. It's hard not to feel like all is right in my world when I see this little smile.

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