Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crocheting fun

Some of my recent projects:

Blankets for a friends precious twins

I used the same pattern for these blankets that I used for Emmett's Christmas blanket. Basically they are tiny granny squares and then I used a single crochet to put them together.

I also used a variation of that pattern to make a blanket for Sam for Christmas.
He tries to wrap the little baby blankets I make around himself. So I made him his own that won't have to stretch to wrap around him.
This is just a bigger granny square - three rows then a row of single crochet for each square - then a single crochet to put them together.

And this is the newest one I made. I used a wooleater or Bavarian stitch
I'm so happy with how it turned out. I think the back looks pretty neat too:

I've been finding lots of fun patterns on pinterest so I'm trying them all out. Crocheting is such a great hobby to have with little people in the house. It's easy to put down and doesn't involve lots of pieces.

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