Wednesday, March 14, 2012


March comes in like a lion.

For us that means...

Working hard on rolling over

Learning to laugh

Going bald (this patch fell out one day when I gave him a bath. I was rather distressed but he didn't seem to care at all.)
Seriously - it all fell out in one day. I looked like I needed a lint roller.

Making sure we all take turns wearing the red bowl on our heads.
(Even if it makes baby look like an alien)

Letting baby watch everything we do. The trick is getting the 2 year old to keep doing the same activity in the same place for more than a minute.

Introducing our new favorite game - Rainbow Rice.

Loving the dinosaur puppet we got from the library.

And getting mauled by such dinosaur. Perhaps March comes in like a dinosaur?

Making a fort on a Sunday afternoon.

And making green rice for dinner.

Crocheting lots of Angel Baby outfits. I made 14 in the last month. My friend made 18 so we had 32 to send down.

A friend got me started on these and now I've become almost addicted. I love project that actually will help someone. I've been posting patterns on the public blog - HERE for anyone who is interested. Angel Baby website

Also, March means
Bryce is home!!!

And we are so excited to go see him this weekend.

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  1. Life looks so good for you! What sweet little boys. I love the crocheting things that you did too! And nothing beats the classic Daddy fort. That's the best!