Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guess what I did today?

Guess what adventurous thing I did today? 

I mean - besides visiting Mesa Falls, Henry's Lake, and Herriman State Park.

And besides getting attacked by nasty snow flies. They look like mosquitos but they don't bite. That still didn't change the fact that I felt like live bait for those guys. They totally grossed me out.

But more on those adventures later.

The one I want to tell you about today is this...

I ate one of these today:

Not the whole thing. Just two bites - and not the part you can see in the picture. I ate the roots (though I think these seed pod things are edible too - but they're not out yet.)

You see - ever since last summer when Sam was so excited about finding all the edible plants in the area I've thought I should try a cattail. 

I wish I could say they were delicious. But I can't really say that. But I can say they weren't bad. I could stay alive eating cattail roots - if I had to. They taste kinda like cucumbers - but more bitter. They need some salt - or maybe just to be put in a stew - I bet they'd be really good that way.

Anyway - I'm pretty proud of myself. Today I ate cattails - and I have 30 things on my list of things to do before I die. I want to get to 100. It might take a while to figure out the things I really want to do (and that I think could be feasible) 

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