Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby Does the Blogging - 6 Months

Mom says I better hurry up and update the blog before we leave this afternoon. I say I'm not sure I really have time to update the blog. I'm learning so many new things these days!

I am sitting pretty well all of the sudden but I'm not terribly crazy about sitting. I'd rather roll/scoot because then I can get to anything I want. And then I grab it and it goes into my mouth. I'm getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth pretty often. I figure that's the best way to propel myself forward. I am very anxious to be on the move. Sometimes Caleb runs past and I flip over to try to follow him and start crying because I can't quite keep up. Don't worry, he comes back to play with me. He's my best

Sometimes Caleb mauls me - but I love it. I always try to play with his toys, but luckily he is good at giving me good toys for babies to play with. He loves to lay down on the floor with me (when he's not laying down on top of me to give me hugs.) Caleb always gets me laughing the hardest of anyone.

I enjoy eating solid food, squash is my favorite so far.

I still don't have any teeth. Mom says it looks like I will have a bunch come in all at the same time. My mouth has been pretty red and swollen this past week.

Is that enough? I have lots of rolling to do! I'll be back in a few weeks.

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