Saturday, June 23, 2012


First off - a new scrapbook page that I absolutely love:
And the Mother's Day invitations I made. 
I know it's been a while since I made these - but the kit just came out so now I can post it.

And now for the updates.
Emmett has not had to have a breathing treatment in weeks! He hates the heat still and is pretty miserable on these 90 degree days. Our place just wasn't meant for days that hot. Actually, most of Rexburg isn't meant for that hot. 

Caleb has been learning SO much and now has great conversations. He is talking like crazy and most people can understand him pretty well now. At least most of the time. Sometimes he still doesn't make much sense. Plus he has a crazy imagination. This week he keeps saying "Names Emmett's brother" (my name is Emmett's brother.) He's a funny little guy.

Sam's still job hunting. And playing frisbee golf. And fishing.

I don't have much new except I've been taking tons of pictures this month - I'm well over 1000 pictures since the first of June when I emptied my camera cards. Of course, that includes an engagement shoot and Emmett's 6 month pictures...but still - that's a lot of pictures.

Sam, Emmett, and I went to Denver for job searching just before Father's Day. Caleb spent the week with my parents. He had so much fun! He got to go to Big Springs for Camp Fire on Thursday night. He is still talking about the chicken that was scared (a skit). We went to the zoo the day after Father's Day and I have tons of pictures from that. I'll have to get them posted soon. For now - an update's good, right?

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