Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby Does the Blogging - 7 months

Hi again! Mom says it's a good thing I want to update the blog once a month cause otherwise there wouldn't be many updates.

I'm now 7 months old. I still don't have any teeth but I've been pretty cranky lately. Might be teeth or it might be the heat or a combination. I really, really don't like being too hot. Lots of days I lay in front of the box fan when it's hot. I also don't fall asleep easily when it's hot - even if I have a fan or two blowing on me. It's been up in the 90s for the past several weeks. Our house just wasn't built for 90 degrees, Mom says.

I am very mobile. I can get anything and anywhere I want. I army crawl, scoot, and roll and sometimes I even get a crawl or two. I love crawling into Caleb's room. I also love putting everything in my mouth. Today alone I've tried cardboard, paper, a wrench, paper, and carrots. I enjoyed the carrots. Mom says she is surprised that she hasn't found any food I haven't enjoyed. I wasn't crazy about my first taste of popsicle but the next time I loved it. I've also tried watermelon and mango this week. I am a big fan of both! I love eating real food.

I have gotten very squirmy. I always want to look where I'm going. I don't really enjoy being snuggled much any more - except when I'm tired or don't feel well - or when I forget I want to look at what is going on around me. Mom says she often feels like she is wrestling when she holds me. She says church is getting exhausting just from trying to hold me.

I have turned into quite a chatterbox lately, especially when I'm getting hungry. I often say, "Dad! Dad! Dad!" Though Mom says it doesn't count until I really know what I'm saying. I love to say Dad over and over again. I babble a lot and I love to have people talk to me.

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