Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve:
No - he wasn't being a zombie - he was being a ballerina and practicing his balance.

New jammies!
Loving his new jammies
In front of the tree - Caleb was so excited about his new jammies that he ran around the room hollering everything he could see on his new jammies. 
Emmett holding still for half a second - poor baby was at the doctor's office for an ear infection just a few days before this.

Spontaneous brother hug - best Christmas Eve picture ever!

After all his running around the room Caleb flopped on the floor and with a huge smile announced,
"I got runned over by a reindeer"

Wrestling - cause our lives wouldn't be normal without any of that




The Geo-Trax were a huge hit. We had to put them away so we could open any more presents - lol!

"Thank's Emmett!" "For what?"

The boys both got new Sunday clothes from Mom and Dad this year. I was thinking it wasn't really a 'fun' gift - but so desperately needed. Caleb opened his new outfit up and was so excited he could hardly talk. "It's a new!!!!! A missionary!!!! AND A TIE!!!!!" guess it turned out to be a much more fun gift than I thought!

Christmas morning snuggles

New pen for his collection - from Grandma

Picture frame with Wind Rivers pictures for Dad to take to his office

Caleb kept matching the candy canes on the tree

Emmett's new ornament

Caleb's new ornament

Sam's new ornament (not quite a kayak - but the closest I could find)

and speaking of kayaks...

This year my parents both went through Sam to get a kayak for each other. All of my siblings were in on the surprises - Cody came up to get them just a couple days before Christmas. Mom and Dad sure were surprised to see 2 kayaks - each thought there would only be 1. Best Christmas surprise ever!!!

Grandma and Grandpa's new attic!

And new kitchen:

Presents at Grandma's house - Caleb kept insisting that Christmas wasn't at our house. He said, 'Have Christmas at Utah" For some reason Utah is code for Grandma's house. Even though he knows we live in Utah too....sometime's he's so funny. We had to tell him numerous times that Santa did come and we did have Christmas at our house. 

Tool belt for Dad with lots of pockets

My uncle found copies of a book written by my great grandparents for each of the kids in my family this year. Totally made my Christmas!

"All these fun Christmas toys and I get a mop?" (Actually he ended up loving the mop)

Look ma! 2 hands and a foot!

The kayaks sat in the living room most of the morning and someone was almost always sitting inside.

A quick walk with Grandma - Caleb kept eating the snow

Nap time!

Playing on a phone

Dinner in Grandma's extra room now that the bedroom has moved upstairs

Dominic and Caleb are best friends

Emmett undoing everything

and climbing on everything

Snitching from the gingerbread houses

With great grandpa Smith looking out the window

Raspberry cheesecake - YUMMMMM!!!!

And cinnamon rolls

Grandpa reading a Christmas story

Playing chess

Singing around the piano - one of our most favorite family traditions

Way too tired baby

Sam got off on Christmas Eve a bit early but he only got Christmas day off so we hurried home that evening so he could be to work the next day. 

Such a wonderful Christmas!!!

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