Thursday, March 14, 2013

E does the blogging 15 months

I am loving life as a 15 month old! I am always on the move. I love to climb on things and recently learned how to push large objects, like the toy box, around the room so that I can use it to climb up to get things that are supposed to be out of my reach. I love to climb on the back of the couch and play with the thermostat. I can get on the table behind the TV. I can get on the computer table. I can climb on anything!

I love shoes. If anyone asks me where my shoes are I run to find them. Usually I can find at least one of them. If I can't find my regular shoes (sometimes they are already on my feet) I go get my Sunday shoes or Caleb's shoes. I love shoes! I love getting ready to go outside. As soon as my coat and shoes are on I stand at the door squealing until someone opens the door to let me out.

I can say lots of words now. I've learned how to say "Cay" for Caleb - though usually I just call him "Daaaa" with everyone else. I can say "more" "no" "sit" "this" "uh oh" "go" "woof" "shoe" and something that resembles "thank you" and something that resembles "Where is it?" I love to tickle people and have my own word for tickle. It's hard to understand what I'm saying if I just say it - but I usually try to tickle when I do it so Mom and Dad can figure out what I'm saying.

I am very independent. I love to do things by myself. I like to have my own bowl or plate at dinner time along with a fork or spoon. When I get done eating I throw everything off my high chair tray. I love to eat anything except tortillas. The other night I even picked the peppers out of the fajitas and ate just those. I love vegetables! My favorite food is probably bananas.

I am learning to run. But I haven't quite figured out how to stop running. If I come running in your direction - watch out - I'm likely to smash right into you.

I got a new tooth last week. Now I am up to 8. I have had 3 different ear infections since we moved to Utah last year. The first two were really hard to get over. The last one wasn't too bad, though I also had croup.

I love to give kisses to anything soft and fuzzy and I recently learned how to blow kisses. I can't quite figure out how to make the kissing noise so I click my tongue while patting my mouth. Sometimes  my tongue hits my hand and I blow really drooly kisses.

I love my big brother more than anyone else in the world. I have to try to do everything he does and I'm always looking for him. Sometimes I hug him so hard it knocks us both over. That makes us both laugh a lot. I also really love seeing Dad come home from work. When he walks in the door I drop whatever I'm holding and holler "Daaaaaa!" as loud as I can. I love for Mom to snuggle me. I often plop myself in her lap for a few minutes so I can get some snuggles. I also love wrestling.

Sleep is still kind of hit and miss for me - but I'm sleeping through the night more often than not now.

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