Sunday, March 31, 2013

March comes in like a lamb and leaves like a lion

My goodness I haven't updated lately.

I bet you think it's because we are so busy living full lives of craziness.

Not really true. Truth be told - it's more of 'we haven't done anything interesting in weeks'.

But we have had some interesting things pop up lately.

Last week Sam's bike got stolen from behind our apartment. When he talked to the police they said, 'Oh we know that area - that's the neighborhood place to go to get high.'

We still haven't seen a trace of his bike. I think that bike is cursed. In 6 months it had been both totaled and stolen.

And now I'm kind of freaked out to live here.
And to walk out back after dark.

Every time I turn around it seems as if everything is saying "Move!" and I can't wait to leave this apartment.

Not to mention the used needles we found in the street out front the other day. MOVE!
And the mom who yelled at her kids all the way down the block then finally came and got them (I think they were about 4 and 2) and hollered at them right in front of me and my boys, "I swear to ____ I'm gonna break your legs."

I wanted to cry for the little boy. Especially because it was a beautiful day and who wouldn't want to be outside?

And then Emmett got into the new neighbor's container of cigarette buts and so we came inside because even sidewalk chalk isn't enough to make me fight so much of the world for a few minutes of fun with my boys. MOVE!

We watched American Idol on the computer instead. Caleb loves it. He calls it American Idaho or The Concert Movie. Have I mentioned this kid loves music? You really should hear him singing Zip-a-dee-do-dah. He sounds like he just loves life and it always makes me smile inside and out.

The ants remembered that Emmett loves throwing his food. And they are taking over my kitchen. And I'm pretty sure they are living in the carpet. And I don't like ants much. MOVE!

Every time the neighbor goes out for a smoke we can smell it coming through our doors and windows and it gives me headaches almost every day. MOVE!

And so life feels a little depressing right now. (And yes - these are just the things that have happened in the past 10 days - though none of them completely surprise me - we're used to that in this neighborhood)

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We are buying a house! All the paperwork is still going through but we are buying a house! So far nothings coming up (meth test, inspections, etc) to make it non-livable. Some work has to be done - mostly painting and carpet and adding a bathroom (they took EVERYTHING out of the bathroom; sink, counter, light fixtures, shower head - all that's left is the jetted tub which is missing the pump to make it work.) But it is going to be great!

It's on more than half an acre and in a really quiet neighborhood. The house is nearly 3 times the size of this apartment. It's at least double the size of our apartment just upstairs. We are hoping to get the basement turned into a basement apartment and we will still have so much more space even just living upstairs. It is definitely a bright spot on the horizon!

But for now we are waiting for paperwork to go through. And it's frustrating. We want to be out of here so badly but there's not much we can do just now. Hopefully in a few weeks. The other day we were out at the house talking to electricians and plumbers (Ok - Sam was talking to them - I was out back letting the boys play in the yard and watching the birds; robins, black capped chickadees, finches, steller jays) and I just wanted to weed the yard. Crazy right? Someone obviously loved this yard a lot. There are so many flower beds that I'm pretty sure we'll need to move the flowers and fill some of them in because there is NO way I can keep up with THAT many flowers. I am excited to see what is under the yard. As I was wishing I could weed everything and let the crocuses have a little more space I felt like the girl from Secret Garden. When we got home I ordered it from Amazon for less than $2. I can't wait till it comes! Sam doesn't know the story. And we are going to live that! I can't believe how many flowers are coming up in that yard. So far I've seen crocuses, snow drops, iris, tulips, daffodils and some tiny blue flowers. There are a bunch of grapes too.

I am finding it so hard to take to heart those lessons of 'don't wait to be happy' that you always hear in Conference. It feels like no matter how hard I try I cannot be truly happy until we get moved.

But then my boys do something darling/sweet/funny and I remember that I am happy now because I have them. Emmett is always looking for his shoes (even when they're on his feet) and Caleb's almost always singing something or saying funny things. And Sam keeps us all together and takes us out for drives when our adventures during the day fail so miserably.

Life is good - and we are excited for moving on. The ward I will miss - but that is the only tie I love about this place. Luckily we will still be close and luckily we have facebook for friends.

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  1. Transition is always hard. We loved where we were before our house, but knowing we were changing our lives by moving made it hard to still be there. It is just such a crazy limbo to be in. I can imagine that it would be so much more difficult when you don't love where you are. I'm glad that good things are on your horizon, though. Hopefully the time will pass more quickly than you expect.