Monday, April 1, 2013

Basket Weave Crochet Blanket

Pattern adapted from THIS pattern

This pattern has been sized down for angel baby use - but if you double the numbers (14 instead of 7) you'll get a bigger pattern. Multiply it more times and you can get even bigger if you want.

This pattern is worked in rows - but for sizing I think of it like it is worked in squares. For an 18 week size blanket I did 6 X 6 squares. For a 20 week size I did 7 X 7.

You will have A blocks (sc only) and B blocks (fpdc & sc)
You will have sections of rows - I and II

Clear enough?
18 week size: ch 45 (7 stitches X 6 squares + 1 sc on each edge + 1 for turning)
20 week size: ch 52 (7 stitches X 7 squares + 1 sc on each edge + 1 for turning)

I will work the 20 week size pattern - for the 18 week size just leave off the last section of each row.
FPDC = Front Post Double Crochet (You can find how to do it on youtube)

Row 1: sc across - 51 - ch 1 - turn
Row 2: sc across - 51 - ch 1 - turn
Row 3: sc 1, A: sc 7 (total of sc 8), B - FPDC around the front post of the sc two rows below, sc next stitch, FPDC, sc next stitch, FPDC, sc, FPDC (total of 7 stitches, 4 fpdc & 3 sc); Repeat A (7 sc); Repeat B, Repeat A, Repeat B, Repeat A, sc 1 (make sure to end on a sc!) ch 1 turn

Row 4: sc across

Row 5: Repeat row 3 (instead of FPDC around a sc below, FPDC around the FPDC below)

Row 6: Repeat row 4

Odd rows - repeat row 3
Even rows - repeat row 4

Up to through row 9 (include the first two rows of sc in your counting) - If you added stitches to the length of each of your blocks you will need to add extra rows to make each block a square shape when it's done. Just keep repeating the pattern until you have a square for each of your blocks. End on an odd row.

This is a good place to switch colors - but it is beautiful in one color as well.

To make your blocks wide enough I just fold the corner of the first section down to make sure it's a square or really closet to it.

Row 10: sc across

Row 11: sc 1, B: FPDC around the front post of the sc two rows below, sc, FPDC, sc, FPDC, sc, FPDC; (Total of 7 stitches, not including first sc - should take up EXACT same space the sc A block did on the row before)  A - sc 7; (this section should take up the exact same amount of space as the FPDC block B did in the color before) Repeat A; Repeat B; Repeat A; Repeat B; sc 1 - ch 1 turn

Row 12: Repeat row 10
Row 13: Repeat row 11 (instead of FPDC around a sc below FPDC around the FPDC below)
Even rows: repeat row 12
Odd rows - repeat row 13

Up through row 17.

Close up of the basket weave texture

Switch colors
Repeat I
Switch colors
Repeat II
switch colors
Until blanket is the right length. I do 6 sections (I - II - I - II  - I - II) for 18 week size and 7 for 20 week size (I - II - I - II  - I - II - I)

Edge with a row of sc or two and whatever edge you want. I like the crab stitch.

All white blanket

For more angel baby info and crochet patterns (including best yarn types and colors) click HERE


  1. I love the pattern, but this blanket seemed heavy to me and I used the Caron Simply Soft yarn. I may try it with a baby yarn.