Thursday, June 9, 2011

My name is Stacy...

...and I'm addicted to Pinterest. And I'm a Mormon.

I love Pinterest. It's like the bookmarks for your internet browser but you get to keep a picture up and a short description so you can remember why you kept that bookmark. You put them into categories like Food Stuff, Home, Kids, Photography Ideas - etc. It's way too much fun. Let me know if you want an invitation to join - because it's still an invitation thing for now. But it's really simple and way too much fun.

Did I mention you can see all the things your friends pin/bookmark as well? And you can see other popular things that are being pinned by others online I said, way too much fun!

Today I came across this picture with a caption of Castle in a group called Fairytales.

For some reason I just got the biggest kick out of that. I think it's awesome that pictures of the temples are being pinned by someone who (likely) knows nothing of the church as a beautiful fairytale thing. They are fairytale things, temples. We don't live in them like a king and queen - but we do get married there and through the work done in the temples we can live "happily ever after." Really, we just have to get through mortal life first before the happily ever after part - but it can come. And isn't it great that we have the internet so we can post things like this and share our testimonies of the temples? By passing it on with a caption that includes that it is the Salt Lake City LDS temple I just shared the gospel with who knows how many people. Small as it may be - maybe someone will look into it. Maybe they'll send me a message...and maybe I can be a missionary too! (Even without growing a foot or two.)

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