Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baby Does the Blogging - 10 months

10 months old is a pretty good age to be! I took my first steps less than a  month ago and now I can consistently take 6 steps at a time. I have no fear and I don't mind falling down sometimes. I'm always holding on to something one second and then trying to walk the next. I also try to climb over things - including the shoulder of someone trying to hold me, boxes/toys/anything in my way, and anyone who is sitting on the ground. I have decided that anyone who sits on the ground is trying to be an obstacle for me to conquer. So I do just that - within seconds - even if they weren't sitting on the floor just to play with me.

I have been practicing using my vocal cords a lot lately. Usually that means screaming - especially when I don't like something. When I get excited I say, "ooooooooooooOO!" and I get big eyes and point at whatever exciting thing is there. I also say, "Dad" "done" and "yay" and "rar." When I want to talk I mostly say, "Da da da da Da Da DA!" I say that a lot. One day I got ahold of the phone and held it up to my face and said, "Dad Da Da DA!" Another day Caleb was calling for Dad to come find him and I crawled over to the front door, started banging on it, and hollering for "Da" too.

My top two front teeth came in Sept 30 and October 2 so now I have 4 teeth. I do not enjoy eating bread or tortillas. I like muffins, especially corn dog muffins (corn meal muffins with tiny pieces of hot dogs in them) and I like waffles but I will NOT touch tortillas and I'm not a huge fan of bread. But I'll eat anything else. I chewed the tops of my sippy cups till they leaked all over so I had to switch back to a bottle and now I think I need to go to bed with my bottle. Mom says that habit has to stop - but I'm not liking that idea at all. In fact, I hate it so much I wake up at night if I do not get to go to sleep with my bottle.

I love playing in the bathroom and getting in the tub. If the bathroom door is open I get in there pretty quickly and stand at the edge of the tub and try to figure out if I can get in there without any help. Splashing in the tub is one of my favorite things. Climbing is another favorite thing. I love climbing. It is starting to get me into trouble though. The other day I got the cushion off the rocking chair and when I climbed up my leg got stuck between the springs and the wooden frame of the chair and my foot went down and got stuck between the glider mechanism of the chair. Mom was pretty worried. I didn't like my foot being stuck but stopped crying almost as soon as it was out. Mom says I'm really lucky I didn't break any bones. One day I climbed up one box and managed to get into the box on top of that box. I was so proud of myself.

When we went to take family pictures Mom really wanted pictures of Caleb and me together. Dad tried throwing leaves around us and Caleb hated it, but I LOVED it! Caleb started throwing leaves on me and I loved that too! Leaves are so much fun! Almost as much fun as splashing in the bath tub.

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