Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wild Things Cupcakes

Found these online - and figured I could make them without directions. It only took me 2 horrible ones to figure out the tricks. So I thought I'd share them.

Wild Things cupcakes: What you need
batch of cupcakes - any kind will work. Make sure the cupcakes go just over the edges of the paper. It helps the cupcakes to be flat and it gives you enough space to decorate.

 right size cupcake:

 wrong size cupcake: I tried decorating one of these - and there wasn't room enough to put a whole face on.

Reeces Pieces for eyes (I used yellow for "the magic trick of staring into all their yellow eyes - any color would work - M&Ms would work too)

 Candy Corn - I liked these and I don't think you can find them except during the fall. But I could be wrong on that. Regular ones would work too.

Break off some white pieces to be teeth. You'll use the brown and orange part for the nose. I used unbroken candy corns for the horns.

#1 - frost

#2 - eyes (sorry I forgot a picture)
#3 - nose - push the bigger part of a broken candy corn in between the eyes.

#4 - horns - I liked how solid the unbroken candy corns were for the horns. Also, I tried to make sure both candy corns were about the same size.

 #5 - teeth - Put your little white pieces straight up and down for the teeth. This is a little tricky, but not too bad. The bigger the pieces of white are the easier this is. You can press them down further into the frosting to hide any orange that might be left.

#6 - sprinkles around the edges - make sure you don't leave your cupcakes too long before you do this or the sprinkles won't stick as well. I pressed them on a bit and then dumped the extras onto a plate.

#7 - Use the gel decorator stuff to add black dots for the eyes and the mouth. Try to cut the smallest hole possible. I should have cut it at an angle I think because my hole was too big. But it worked as long as I was gentle. Practice on a plate or something besides your first cupcake!

And that's all there is to it! I think it took me about 45 minutes to get 6 decent Wild Things. I had 2 tries that looked horrible - so 8 cupcakes. About 5 minutes a piece I would guess. Then I added a few of these - because they looked cute and took about a minute a piece. And the boys were awake. And it's not going to be a big party here anyway. Just 4 of us. 

I think I may have frosted too many cupcakes. I did freeze the rest...but 12 might be more than we can handle with just the 4 of us. But they looked so cute! How could I stop without making enough polkadot cupcakes to make this great picture?

And my 3 year old is so excited! But it's a good thing he woke up before I finished - he couldn't figure out what they were. Hopefully tonight he'll be super excited to have Wild Things cupcakes - and we won't have to explain what they are...cause that just wasn't the grand moment I expected it to be.

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