Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall is here!

It certainly does feel like we're falling around here. Life has been SO crazy this past week.

Saturday 9/29:

I went to the Women's Conference meeting with my mom and my best friend, Jenna. Jenna and I rode the Frontrunner and Trax - so cool!!!

Sunday 9/30:
New family pictures up the mountains.

Monday 10/1:
Humidifier leaked all down into my dresser drawers - and it sat that way all night so I had lots of laundry to do!

Tuesday 10/2:
Caleb, Emmett, and I head to Salem. With stops along the way at a meeting for photographers working to get accepted into the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep organization (they do photography for stillborn babies) and lunch with my friend Kimberly (who is my inspiration for doing NILMDTS)

Wednesday 10/3:
My mom and I headed down to Saint George to see Aladdin at Tuacahn - an awesome outdoor theater. We stayed with my grandma, Mom's mom, Joan, and her sister, Rhea and her two daughters, Brenda and Barbara. It was so much fun. I think the funniest thing was listening to Brenda and Barbara argue (jokingly) about arguing with the GPS. The play was amazing! They had fireworks, live camels, a 3-d part of the play where you had to wear glasses and a part where the background (for the cave of wonders) was projected onto water. It was so neat! The music was fantastic - some songs that were cut from the movie were added and even some beyond that. I love musicals!

Thursday 10/4:
Mom and I went to the temple in St. George. It was very beautiful and so neat to think about how old that building is. So glad we got a chance to go. The boys and I came back home that night.

Friday 10/5:
We head to Idaho for Conference. We stopped in Logan to get cookies from the Pepperage Farms place and then we headed to the FatBoy ice cream sandwich place. The boxes of extras were on sale buy one get one free - so we ended up with 100 FatBoys for $20. Can't beat that!

Saturday 10/6:
We couldn't have picked anywhere cooler to be to hear the announcement about the new missionary ages. Sam's twin brothers turned 18 in July. There was so much screaming and hollering our hearing was kinda shot for the rest of the session. They headed to the Bishop's house as soon as the session was over. They are starting their papers ASAP as is my brother Devan, also 18. There is lots of excitement about this announcement!

Sunday 10/7:
We celebrated Sam and Caleb's birthdays  with cake between Conference sessions. Then we visited Sam's sister who lives in Pocatello on our way home.

And I got our October newsletter done:

And this page won the layout of the week!!!!!

And I'm way behind on my 40 day challenge now - ok - only about 4 days now... I'll start working on that - sometime soon.

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