Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A close call

I suppose I should record this here too. Crazy that the thought just barely occurred to me. It's been a rather eventful weekend.

Thursday 11/8/12
Sam left for work about quarter after 7. Since it has turned quite chilly in the mornings he's been riding the bus with his bike in the morning then riding his bike home when it's warmer outside. Since we have no car he has also been stopping at the store more often than not to bring home whatever he can carry on his bike - usually milk.

When Sam called around 8:30 I was surprised that he was calling so early. He told me, "I just wanted you to know that I got to work safe." I said, "I'm glad to hear that. What happened on your way to work?" He said, "Oh nothing. I just wanted you to know I was safe." I knew something was up since he NEVER calls to tell me he's safe when he gets to work. Finally he admitted that something had happened on his way to work. He was up on 19th street waiting for the bus. It's a 45 mph road and quite busy. His bike was sitting against the sign for the bus and he was standing just behind it. Almost out of nowhere a purple PT Cruiser came flying at him. Sam jumped back. The Cruiser lost it's side mirror to the bus sign. Sam's bike got hit. The driver took off. A guy at the gas station behind the bus stop saw the whole thing happen, jumped in his car, took off after the Cruiser, got his license plate number and called it in to police.

 The driver of the Cruiser was arrested shortly afterwards. He was charged with a DUI and fleeing the scene of the accident. Sam ended up talking with the police officer long enough that he missed the 7:25 bus and had to wait till the 7:55 bus which he caught and got to work unharmed. His bike wasn't rideable. He planned to ride the bus home that night. He keeps his bike in his office at work and it was quite the conversation piece that day. Someone at work gave him a ride home - including a stop at the store.

I can't tell you what a relief it was to see Sam walk through the door that night. It's one thing to hear that someone is ok. It's another to see that they are ok yourself. Somehow Sam managed to not only not get hit but not to have any damage done to his person. His elbow was hurting a little when I talked to him on the phone - but by the time he got home he couldn't even remember which elbow it had been. No bruises - no cuts - no scrapes. When I think of it happening I can't even figure out how he didn't get hit. It must have been divine intervention.

I'm so glad we had morning prayers that day. So glad we prayed for safety and for the Spirit and that we would listen to the promptings of the Spirit. I'm so thankful for the driver who took off after the Cruiser. I wish I had a way to thank him. We've had hit and run issues before but never has anyone taken off after them. I don't know how long that guy ended up talking to police that day - but I'll consider him a 17 second miracle. He changed my life by his selfless act and his quick thinking. And more than anything, I'm grateful that our family is sealed in the temple. That even if we had lost Sam in this accident that we could have him again some day. I know it wouldn't make it easier to lose him - but it would be a comfort. I'm so glad we have the gospel.

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