Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fall's End

I decided it's definitely time for an update post. I've had several posts over the past few days for angel baby things. You might even notice a new page on the blog all about angel baby patterns and info. And   before that a post about my own angel baby.

The main thing that sparked that post was a project I was working on for the first birthday of my friend's twins.

20 outfits made to send for stillborn babies. Each outfit takes around 2 hours. It seems so small of a gift for them since they were the ones whose lives got me started on this project. It's been incredibly healing for me and this project has changed my life. 

I always thought it so strange when I heard people go on and on about a cause they believed in. Now I'm one of those people. And suddenly it's not so weird any more to me. I've made around 50 outfits so far this year. I love this project.

Not to say it's always easy. Especially lately this has been extremely emotional. Granted, I feel like everything's been emotional lately. 

The second week of November we gave the prayers in Sacrament meeting - and call me crazy - but that totally freaks me out. I always forget what I should say. I know it's crazy - but it's really draining.

The third week of November we spoke in Sacrament meeting - about challenges we face. Again - really draining. When I got done my hands were tingly for a long, long time. I guess the blood hadn't gone to them while I was speaking. 

This week - the fourth week - I taught the lesson in Relief Society - about service.

On the second Wednesday I also taught a pie demo for Relief Society. I totally shocked them because I was the first person they asked and they were totally asking me to say I didn't know how to make a pie. It was so funny - I was laughing about it weeks later when I actually did the demo. However, it was even funnier to watch the Relief Society president and another lady in the ward argue about who was going to steal the pie behind my back. 

I think all these things are some sort of punishment for missing Stake Conference the first weekend of this month. Emmett and I both had horrible colds. We went through an entire box of tissues in 24 hours. 

Adding all this to the already emotional angel baby project basically made me an emotional wreck for weeks now. Sam almost getting hit by a car and trying to learn to drive our new stick shift car hasn't helped either. 

I love the angel baby project - I really do. I don't like speaking in front of groups though. It seriously renders me basically useless for the next day. But hopefully I'm done now for a while. I'm ready for a break.

In other news:
Emmett is walking EVERYWHERE, climbing on EVERYTHING, and putting EVERYTHING in his mouth. So excited for his first birthday later this week. I'm feeling like it's an accomplishment that I've kept him alive this long. At least he is cute even if he is into everything lately.

Caleb's starting to figure out Christmas. And it's so cute. He sings "Puh-lease on your noggin" and he thinks he's singing Feliz Navidad. He's starting to get the hang of what Santa Clause does. And he loves watching White Christmas. The other day he picked it up off the shelf and said, "White Christmas is my FAVORITE movie!" I was so proud. He's also started saying "The good news is...." which is something Sam says and it totally cracks me up.

Sam's doing much better than he was right after his bike got hit. He's still nervous to have me walk with the boys on 19th though (the street where he got hit). He's loving work though and finally got through his 3 months probation and got a raise. They're already talking about his next raise - a job title change, going on salary and other great perks. That will be sometime in the next year. Life is good.

Still no word on the house we put an offer on. But we're still hopeful.

All in all - we're all safe - and alive - and loving life. And hoping things calm down a little in the near future.

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