Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby Does the Blogging - 11 months

I am walking all over like crazy now. I am pretty steady on my feet and I'm often trying to walk faster than is humanly possible. I can also climb up on almost everything. My favorite thing to climb on is chairs and then I can climb up on the computer table - but only if Mom leaves the chair close enough. 

I have now added "Mama" and "ta-da" to my word list. I don't like to talk much. Mostly I just like to clap my hands and wave my arms around and say "Da da da da da" I also like to sing sometimes. I dance too. I go up on tip toes and back down when I dance. I love it when Caleb sings and I like to sing with him. He is my best friend and we always play together.

For Halloween we dressed up like Calvin and Hobbes. I didn't really like to wear the hat. I did like playing with the bucket though. I like that I can see my reflection. I love to give my reflection kisses. I also like to kiss teddy bears and blankets and my family and sometimes other people too. I love to give kisses. And the better I get at walking the more I love to sit and snuggle sometimes. I plop myself into the lap of the nearest person and expect them to hold me until I find something else more interesting.

Caleb and I often get the giggles. Usually Caleb pretends to laugh to make me laugh, then my laughing makes him laugh. Sometimes it makes Mom laugh too. We have lots of laughing at our house. We also have lots of wrestling. I am not shy about wrestling any newcomers to our house. Wrestling is my favorite game. I do not like blankets to be on my head though. Sometimes I get all mixed up in a blanket and can't figure out how to get out. Then I get very angry.

I have been sleeping through the night almost every night but sometimes I still get up. Sleep and I just don't really get along that well, I guess. I have also been having a terrible time with naps lately. Some days I take 1 nap and some days I take 3. 

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