Friday, March 2, 2012

Angel Baby Blanket pattern

My friend got me started helping with this Angel Baby project. I'm kind of addicted now. I have lots of things to try. Today I made blankets. Here's a tutorial for anyone who is interested. I didn't make up the pattern. I found it HERE but the instructions weren't great so I wrote some out for anyone else you may need/want. I also added instructions for making it larger too.

I used the Caron Simply Soft yarn and an F hook for this pattern. This pattern should make a blanket for a 20 week baby. To make this pattern larger simply chain more at the beginning. You'll need your total number of chains to be a multiple of 3.

A yarn: white
B yarn: pink

Start with B
Ch 45 - turn
Row 1: (working in back loops only) sc first 2 - *ch 2 - skip 2 - sc 1* - repeat * to * all the way across - (make sure to end on a sc) - chain 2. Do Not Turn

Row 2: Tie in color A at the end where you started row 1. Chain 3 - dc 1 in first stitch (both loops) - *dc 3 in chain 2 loop* - repeat * to * all the way across - dc 4 in last chain 2 loop - ch 3 - turn.

Row 3: color B: sc 1 in first dc (both loops) - *ch 2 - sc 1 in space between each set of 3 dc* - repeat all the way across. End with sc in last space between dc 3 and first dc of row 2. Ch 2 - Do Not Turn.

Row 4: color A: dc 1 in second chain stitch of Row 3 - dc 3 in each chain 2 loop all the way across (including last chain 2 loop) - dc 1 in last dc of row 2 - ch 3 - turn.

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until blanket is desired length. For the Angel Baby blankets I did a total of 29 rows (I ended on a row 3) - sc around the edge - tie off.

And here are my two completed sets:
Sets don't necessarily include blankets but I really wanted to try this pattern. Outfits and hats can be donated separately - but they do like matching sets. HERE is the website with more information about Angel Baby outfits.

For more Angel Baby patterns and info click HERE.

NOTE: These blankets are a bit on the small side. Blankets are useful any size between 12 inches X 12 inches and 24 inches by 24 inches.