Friday, March 2, 2012

More patterns

UPDATE: We are tying to phase out this pattern as it fits only a limited number of babies. HERE is the link for the current kimono pattern we've found works better.

Diaper Shirt pattern
I added a link to where I got the pattern. I modified it to fit more what I needed. If you are a beginning crocheter or just want individual pictures see this post HERE. It's the exact same pattern just with pictures of each step.

Using the Caron Simply Soft yarn (thin) and a size F hook this outfit will fit a 20 week baby.

Ch 40 - turn.
Row 1: sc 6 - sc 3 in next stitch (shell-sh) - sc 7 - sh - sc 9 - sh - sc 7 - sh - sc 6 - ch 1 - turn
Row 2: sc in each stitch across - ch 1 - turn
Row 3: sc 7 - sh - sc 9 - sh - sc 11 - sh - sc 9 - sh - sc 7 - ch 1 - turn
Row 4: sc in each stitch across - ch 1 - turn
Row 5: sc 8 - sh - sc 11 - sh - sc 13 - sh - sc 11 - sh - 8 - ch 1 - turn
Row 6: sc in each stitch across - ch 1 - turn
Row 7: sc 9 - sh - sc 13 - sh - sc 15 - sh - sc 13 - sh - sc 9 - ch 1 - turn
Row 8: sc in each stich across - ch 1 - turn
Row 9: sc 10 - skip 16 - sc across till the next turn - skip 16 - sc 10 - chain 1 - turn
Row 10: sc in each stitch across - ch 1 - turn
Rows 11-20: sc across - ch 1 - turn.
Tie off after Row 20
Row 21: Skip 10 - stitch 20 - Ch 1 - turn. (there should be 10 skipped on each end)
Row 22-23: sc in each stitch across
Row 24: sc in each stitch across skip the first stitch and second to the last stitch - ch 1 - turn
Row 25: sc in each stitch across - ch 1 - turn
Repeat 24 an 25 until you are down to 8 stitches
A: sc 2 in the first and last stitch - sc in each other stitch across
B: sc straight across
Repeat A and B untill you get up to 20.
Add two extra rows of 20.
sc around the whole outfit. On one straight edge of the shirt you'll want to leave button holes. I just chain 2 and then skip one stitch going down one side. I do 4 stitches between button holes (generally speaking) and I usually have 3 on one side of each outfit. Then you can add buttons - just sewing them on like normal or with yarn to match up to the button holes. Often I send the outfits without buttons. Heidi has a sewing day for angel babies every few months. She and her gang usually sew the buttons on for me - they have lots and lots of tiny buttons. If you have some go ahead and add them on. If not - they can do it. Heidi is kind of a distributer of angel baby outfits. She gets them out to photographers and hospitals and mails them on an individual basis as needed.

For more Angel Baby patterns and info click HERE.


  1. Are you positive on all the stitch counts? I JUST started crocheting a week ago, so of course it could be me, but as I've been working on this pattern, I'm now on row 7 and am missing 4 stitches. Is it going to ruin the whole thing? Should I take them out of the center or follow it perfectly and take them out of the end? I have gone back and counted things from along the way and I can't find any mistakes. I've been so sure to count each stitch, afraid of ruining it. HELP!

    1. I'm pretty sure on the stitch counts. But I've found myself off on occasion. The main places you need to be on are where you do the shell stitches (3 sc in one stitch) because that's where the outfit will turn from the neck to the arms and then the back. It would be better to leave stitches out of the middle rather than the ends. You may want to just try again? I know my first time through it was really confusing and I actually made two or three totally messed up ones on the top before I figured out the hang of it. I'm not able to sit down and try one out just now - but I'll try it again soon and get back to you for sure on the stitch counts.

    2. stitch count is perfect x

  2. One more question - in this outfit shown, what rows did you switch colors? Is it 9-11?

    I think I figured out what I did wrong. Being a VERY beginning crochet'er, I did what a book told me to do and skipped the first stitch after turning to a new row.

  3. I think on this particular one I switched on row 7 and row 11. Another combination I like to do is 3 rows of one color and then 2 rows of a second color and then back and forth to make little stripes. The outfit has rows that fit the number 5 so I usually try to use that as a basis for switching colors if I want to do more than one stripe.

    As for the skipping the first stitch - that threw me off too. It doesn't mean to skip the first stitch - but what looks like the first stitch. I hope that will help you figure it out!

  4. Okay, I am ready for row 12 now...
    Should I be attaching the sides of the shirt together now?
    Should I still be stitching on the sleeves?
    I think I need a video. :(
    I don't want to keep going until I know if I'm doing it right or wrong!

  5. You are doing great! The shirts will be completely open on one side. I also need to add how to do button holes (really, really easy). We leave them open so that it is easy to dress the tiny little ones. You'll only be going from one side of the shirt and then back. You won't be stitching on the sleeves any more after row 9. Once you put the sleeves together you don't worry about them any more. Maybe I should think about a video. Or maybe just more pictures like I have on the other Angel Baby things.

    And don't lose heart! You're through the hardest part if you've gotten the sleeves done. And the first one is always the hardest. It gets much easier. I am so impressed this is your first crochet project!

    1. Do you think it'll hurt anything that I did do the sleeves on rows 10 and 11? I'll skip them from now on.

  6. I'm not totally sure to be honest. But it took me a couple tries to get it right. It helped to get one all the way done though and see kind of what it was supposed to look like. And I hate unpicking things so I just tried it and got one done and it was so scary I don't think I showed it to anyone. I then made a couple more got used to how the pattern worked then I went back and unpicked the first one I made and made it into a beautiful outfit. I say go with it for now and see what happens. Then next time just stop on the sleeves at row 9.

    I've also added a new page of info about the outfits.

    Next on my list is to get pictures up for this tutorial.

  7. great pattern I just have 1 question, how do you attach the diaper part to the shirt part?

  8. You just sc through the shirt and go from there. The diaper should work straight off of the shirt - you just have to skip several stitches first.

    I also have a pattern for a kimono and separate diaper - if you're interested in that:

  9. How do you attach the front part of the diaper with buttons or ties it does not say in the pattern.

    1. We used to tie them up with ribbon ties - but we have stopped using this pattern and are using a new one that has a separate diaper that has a safety pin instead.

      Kimono pattern:

      Diaper pattern:

  10. what does sc each other stitch mean?

  11. Thank you. I make them for the local hospital. You have a beautiful family.

  12. If you wanted to make this for a bigger baby, what would you increase the beginning chain stitch by?

    1. It would depend on the size of the baby. This size is for a half term baby. A full term baby would need double probably. Maybe more. Since we moved to the new pattern (link at the top of this page) I haven't made this pattern in about two years. I'm sorry I'm not more help.

  13. loved this pattern! :) as an experienced crocheter, this pattern worked up perfect. thank you

  14. As an experienced crocheter, this pattern worked up perfectly! :) thank you so much

  15. Pattern worked for me thank you very much,but where to get the hat pattern? I'd like to know because I want to make a few in different colors

  16. This pattern was very easy to complete ... Thank you for sharing ... One question - did you connect the bottom to the top by sewing it together or with buttons ... Thank you

  17. Just enquiring when you do the chain one and turn do you do a sc in the chain one space or into the second stitch ? Thanks in advance x