Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Angel Baby headband pattern

You'll want to make these headbands using the no-foundation stitch. This link will show you were I learned how to do this. But I'll explain it here too.

No Foundation Crochet Stitch

Chain 3

Loop yarn over like for double crochet.
Go in first chain.
Bring yarn through the first chain - this creates your chain
Then do a double crochet. (loop over - through 1 loop - loop over - through 2 loops - loop over - through 2 loops)

*Loop yarn over like for a double crochet.
Go in the chain you made in the last stitch (just one loop).
Bring yarn through to create the chain stitch.
Then do a double crochet.*

Repeat * to * as long as needed.

Essentially you will be doing a chain one and then a double crochet directly on top of that chain rather than chaining a row and then double crocheting on top of that. You can use this method often and it gives you a nice loose first row.

You'll need 24 of these stitches to make a headband. This pattern is written for a 20 week sized baby with the Caron Simply Soft Yarn. To make a longer headband just add more stitches. You'll need an even number.

Row 1: 24 no foundation stitches. 1 sc in the middle of the stitch (just to help you turn around)

Row 2: In first loop of the chains you just made do the following: 1 sc - 1 ch - 3 dc - 1 ch - 1sc (1 shell - sh - stitch). Skip next stitch. Sh in every other stitch all the way across. 1 sc in the 2nd chain you originally made.

Row 3: SH stitch in every other stitch all the way across. Should be pretty close to lining up with the sh stitches in row 2 but on opposite side.
Tie off.

Fold extra piece of yarn in half. Should be longer than the headband.

Thread the extra piece of yarn through the headband. The fold should be at one end.

Now you have an adjustable headband.

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