Thursday, April 21, 2011

House/Kid Sitting - Day 11

Today is our last full day of house sitting. The kids slept in till almost 7 this morning! Yes that's right - 7 is sleeping in.

This morning by 9 am....

# of kids off to school: 3
# of Squirt meltdowns: 2
# of glares from a 5-year-old: 47
# of times I said "Finish your breakfast": 28

Tonight we get to have another (real) birthday party. I'm really looking forward to it.

By 9 p.m.
# of birthday candles on a pan of brownies: 13
# of big sisters who came home for the party: 2
# of brothers of mine who showed up: 1
# of large cups that filled up the top of the dishwasher: 17
# of times we had hail storms today: 2
# of times someone wished it wasn't snowing: 16
# of sick kids: 1

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