Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stuffed Animal Names

About the time he turned 1, Squirt became incredibly attached to his teddy bear. He got the bear for his first Christmas when he was about 2 months old - but hadn't shown much interest. Suddenly over night the bear went almost everywhere with him. This is the scrapbook page I made that first week.

Within a few days he was calling his teddy bear "Tey" like Teddy but without either d.

Then for Valentine's Day I got Cyam a stuffed dog - and Squirt decided it should be his.

He carries both around almost everywhere. I just call the puppy "Puppy" and often talk about what a puppy says, "woof."

Yesterday morning we heard for the first time Squirt's name for the puppy.


I think it's fitting don't you?

p.s. I also find it hilarious - and keep laughing every time I think about it.
p.p.s Say it out loud - it will probably make you laugh
p.p.p.s Now I need to make a new scrapbook page ;)

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