Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby does the blogging - 4 months

Can you believe this little guy is 4 months old????

He looks so much like his daddy. And now for his update (with a shocking lack of photos since Blogger seems to hate me these days.)

Hi everyone! Mom says I get to update the blog again. I am now 4 months old. I weigh 13.1 lbs and I am 24.5 inches long. Mom says I'm growing slowly enough that I can actually wear an outfit more than twice before I grow out of it. She says she's glad for that.

My favorite person is my big brother. I love to watch everything he does. I always save my best smiles for him (even though he usually misses them.)

I've been sleeping through the night for several weeks now. I usually go to bed between 7 and 8 pm and then wake up around 5 for a quick bottle then I go back to bed till 7 or 8 am. Sometimes I don't even get up at 5.

I have been losing my hair like crazy. It seems to distress my mother - but I don't really care. She says I have the funniest comb-over...whatever that is. My hair seems to be coming in dark. Mom's excited about that. My eyes are turning brown pretty quickly.

I enjoyed visiting the doctor's office the other day. I was fascinated by everything going on around me. I wasn't impressed with the shots and I was pretty miserable the rest of the day. I cried and cried and didn't even want to be held because my legs were so sore. Dad finally suggested putting a warm rice bag on my legs which helped a whole lot.

My mom sure can make some funny noises. There is one in particular (kind of growling in the throat) that makes me laugh every time. Mom says she can't figure out why it's so funny to me. I love for other people to talk to me or pay attention to me. I love it when big brother pays attention to me. Even if that attention is smashing a mirror to my nose (aka showing me myself in the mirror) or other forms of playing that are kind of rough.

I like to sleep in my carseat all wrapped up in a blanket. But I like my arms to be free. I think it feels like someone is holding me while I sleep. That's my favorite way to sleep. I would always be held if I could. Or watching brother do cool things like have a parade with his cars or play with rainbow rice.

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