Friday, April 27, 2012

Sick, sick, sick...nothing but sick

Saturday Dad helped our landlord tear down another trailor. He was in the sun for several hours and got very sunburned (note - we were glad it was Dad and not Mom who got that sunburned). Sunday he had some kind of heat stroke or something similar. He was supposed to sing in church - but stayed home at Mom's insistance.

Sunday night Big Brother was sick in the middle of the night. Dad slept on the couch and watched movies with Big Brother. Big Brother spent most of Monday on the living room floor feeling quite sick.

Tuesday Big Brother asked for oatmeal for breakfast and Mom knew he was feeling better. Baby was having a hard time though and started crying around 10 am. At 2:30 Mom took him to the doctor (he was still crying) and found out he had a sore throat and 1 infected ear. Baby did sleep through the store while we were waiting for his perscription - but then resumed crying until around 5:30 when his medicine must have started working. Big Brother and Baby Brother both started coughing.

Wednesday everyone was starting to feel better.

Thursday Big Brother's cough was sounding better but baby's wasn't.

Today, Friday, Mom decided that  Baby needed to go back to the doctor. And she was right. The doctor says he has Bronchlioitis (Baby Bronchitis) - a strain of RSV. We had to go get the nebulizer and medicine for it. Baby really doesn't like that thing - he got so mad he cried until he was coughing (actually a good thing). We're hoping the breathing treatment stuff works because if he doesn't the next step is the hospital.

How, in all this, did Mom manage to not get sick??? No one seems to know. Perhaps only by grace alone - and perhaps the fact that she takes care of everyone else when they are sick.

Will we be better next week? Watch for an update!

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