Friday, August 17, 2012

August Updates

Possibly has another ear infection? Seriously? He won't sleep more than an hour at a time during the day. Last night he was up at 8:30, 10:30, 1:00, 5:30....Same thing he does when he gets an ear infection. Strangely enough he doesn't have a fever - again. Poor baby boy.*

He's getting very good at climbing on things - and getting stuck - and eating real food (he LOVES watermelon)
Loves living in a new house. We hear airplanes fly over often - we are at the end of the Ogden run way and not far from Hill Air Force Base. We get to see lots of cool planes.

Visiting Dad's office was great fun! Caleb loves to type.

 Loves being the big brother - as usual. I don't know if Emmett knows yet how lucky he is to have such an attentive big brother.

Both boys have been loving playing with empty boxes and making forts:

Loving the new job. He has his own office - which is pretty bare for now - but we're working on that. 

There was a bomb threat for their building last Friday (the 10th). So they got evacuated. It doesn't sound like this is a normal thing. He is also getting used to having his own phone - a smart phone at that - a new thing for us!

Rode the bus to work for the first time last week - because the car was dead. I'm not totally sure what happened but there were two belts under the car. Thank heavens for USAA roadside assistance!!! They take good care of us. And we've used them enough this year alone to pay for the service for years to come.

Happy to have finally gotten rid of most of the earwigs here - not so happy to find a black widow spider outside the front door the other day. Also not so happy to realize the spider hiding in the light fixture was alive. Caleb found it - I told him it couldn't get us. He told me Daddy would save us later. When I told Sam about it later he tapped the fixture and the spider moved! Pretty sure that one was a hobo. I so do not do big spiders!

The house is mostly in order. There's even enough space in the living room for a couch now! 

And of course - some new scrapbook pages.

Emmett 5 months

  Grandma's Garden

Another page for the book for Grandma and Grandpa - only 2 pages left!!! It's about time too - since I misplaced all this info last summer when we moved.

Another page for the Smith Family book - and this layout got nominated for layout of the week! You can see the picture HERE

Don't you just love the folded corner? I just learned how to do that. I can't believe how easy it is! Seriously! I should have learned this a long, long time ago. HERE'S a tutorial if you're interested in learning this technique.

I guess that's about it for now. We got a new bank account set up but can't get anything out of it for a week. And that's for all the money we put in in the next month. Sometimes moving is a big pain. Oh well - we're getting settled and as long as we can get Emmett to sleep I think we'll be fine!

*Trying Maleluca essential oil for Emmett's ears today - he's been asleep an hour and a half!

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