Friday, August 3, 2012


Number of days since we moved: 9
Number of neighbors we've met: 6
Number of days we've actually been at the new place: 1.5
Number of times Emmett has been to the doctor's office in the past two weeks for ear infections: 2
Number of prescriptions for Emmett: 2
Number of pharmacies we tried to fill the 2nd prescription at: 4 (3 weren't open 24 hours - it was 8 pm)
Number of hikers: 2 (Sam and his dad)
Number of days Sam has been gone: 7
Number of days till we get to see Sam: 1 or 2
Number of days we've stayed with my parents: 7
Number of phone chargers we brought down here: 0
Number of times the car has died in the past week: 3 (usually recharging the battery works - my dad is out fixing the serpentine belt just now - hopefully it will fix the dying car problem)
Number of times Emmett has been up each night in the past week: 3-6 (that's per night - last night he only got up twice!!!)
Number of Japanese students staying at my parents house: 1
Number of trips to Provo: 3
Number of trips to Walmart: 5
Number of family reunions we missed due to Emmett's secondary ear infection: 2
Number of Scrapbook pages I haven't posted yet: 5

 Mesa Falls

Caleb 10 Months

Emmett 4 months

Emmett 7 months

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