Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby does the blogging - 8 months old

Mom said since she already got my pictures done I should stop procrastinating and update the blog.

I now weigh 17.5 pounds. I'm staring to move up into 9 month size clothes. I got another hair cut this month. My first tooth came in July 10th and the second came in July 21. I sure love having some teeth. Now I get to eat a lot more things. This month I've tried watermelon, root beer floats, rice, cheerios, and anything I can find on the floor. The other day I was going to try a dead earwig but Mom wouldn't let me. I've tried lots of paper and tape lately. I've also tried boxes, books, and everything else I can get in my mouth.

I've been pretty sick the last couple weeks. I had an ear infection just before we moved. More than a week later Mom took me to the urgent care again because I was miserable again. They said my ear infection hadn't gotten better so they gave me a different kind of medicine. All that week I got up no less than 3 times a night. I had a couple good night and then last night I was up at least 4 times. Mom's guessing it's teeth but she's really hoping that I'm not getting another ear infection.

I love bath time. From the moment Mom lets me stand up next to the tub and starts the water I get so excited and holler and try to climb in. Mom says I should be more careful because I am pretty top heavy and I might tumble head first into the tub. I love splashing and playing in the water. I often find myself getting my face in the water but that only stops me for a second. I could play in the water all day.

This month I really figured out how to crawl really quickly (and not so much on my head). The next day I figured out how to pull myself up to standing. Now I stand every chance I get. I'm getting so good I can even let go while I'm standing up! At least, I think I can. Usually I fall over but that doesn't deter me at all - I just do it all over again a few minutes later. Consequently I have lots of bumps and bruises on my face. I do scoot on my head when someone chases me. I love to play chase. Caleb taught me how to crawl under the crib and now that's our favorite place to play.

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