Thursday, August 23, 2012


Because funny things are funnier when they are shared with someone else...

Caleb: "A bonk and den a splat and a crash. Caleb all gone. Hafta get a new Caleb." (all hypothetical)

Caleb: "I just talk to a frog."
Me: "Was it a real frog or a pretend frog?"
Caleb: "No it's a green frog. I say, 'guess what?' to da frog."
Me: "You said 'guess what?' to the frog? What did the frog say?"
Caleb: "Frog say 'what?'"
Me: "And then what did you say?"
Caleb: (huge sigh) "Nuffing."

(After the boys smashed heads)
Me: "Oops - did you and Emmett get bonks?" 
Caleb: "Nope we got a trick."

Caleb in watching Sam shave "Daddy, who are you?" I guess the shaving cream disguised Sam. ha ha ha!

Caleb: "I gotta question for Caleb....Caleb? Caleb! I don't any questions. I don't have a frog."

Caleb brandishing a fly swatter - "I'n makin waffles for you!"

(He got dressed all by himself - after taking his jammies and underwear off)

Caleb: "I'n gonna go to da tiny Borolims (Broulims)' get a job. Akuna Tata (Hakuna Matata) no worries for rest of all of days. An' a meerkat make a tiny splash."

A song: "Dinosaur's eatinnnnn da carrrrrrrr!" Then he says, "I'n not crazy - I'n singin!"

Caleb told us he was going to do a concert and stood up on the chair and sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and then proceeded to march on the chair. I asked him if he was doing a marching concert and he said no, that he was stomping on the concert. Then he picked it up and threw it off the chair and then he said "I gotta get a new, red concert." 

Seriously - this kid plays "concert" every day. Also he loves to play "playin' a tuba" and "marching band" Perhaps we have warped this kid. But he's just so dang cute! And hey - if he wants to love music - I'm all for it!

And since Caleb is such a funny guy it makes sense that he has a funny baby brother too.

 These are all things I've posted on facebook in the last month alone. And these are just the ones I've posted. This kid makes me laugh so much! Love my buddy boy!

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