Thursday, February 3, 2011


Frustrating things today:

1. Caleb wanted to scream - really high pitched screaming - all day long.
2. I got very tired of reminding Caleb to use his inside voice
3. Went for Caleb's 15 month appointment at the Drs office and had to wait a half an hour but the people who walked in after us and people who were late for appointments were shown right into a room.
4. Caleb didn't think the waiting room was big enough for him to explore..and he was into EVERYTHING.
5. The doctor just made sure he met his milestones (walking, talking, coloring etc) and sent us home. (No shots)
6. In the past two weeks I have been on the phone with the office asking about 15 month appointments and shots (namely price) and they never once mentioned he wouldn't be getting any shots this time.
7. They charged me only $12 less than the price they quoted to me over the phone of a 15 month appointment plus shots.
8. I could have taken him to the health center on campus for $84 less than the price I paid today.
9. We had spaghetti for dinner - and I don't even really like spaghetti much.
10. Our breaker box isn't getting fixed till next weekend...and it's already a week over due.

Maybe I should just go to bed...maybe tomorrow will look better.

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