Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why I love boys

Today I was thinking about how much I love to be around boys. Growing up with 4 brothers I was always around boys and never realized how good I had it till I moved into an apartment with girls. Here are some reasons I love boys

Boys are far more likely to let a girl play with them. I can go play frisbee golf with the boys and they're all sweet and kind and try to give me pointers. However, they don't come with me to the quilting!

In general I would say that girls get more clothes...but I think boys get to have more fun with Halloween costumes. It seems most girls are princesses, witches, or some kind of fairy. But boys get lots of options.

They make faces just to make someone else laugh.

And they make crazy faces on purpose - and think it's cool.

Church clothes for little boys are SOOO cute. Plus they don't have to have a whole bunch of outfits for church. They can wear the same thing every week and everyone still says how darling they look.

Because they are often more daring boys sometimes get into trouble...and sometimes it's pretty funny.

They are especially cute when they are asleep.

Watching a boy and his daddy is super cute - especially when the boy is trying so hard to be just like his daddy. It's fun to listen to them wresteling in the other room and having the boy giggling so hard because his Dad is playing with him.

Even as much as they love their daddy - they love mommy too. And some days you get to have a million conversations of,


"Yes, son?"

"Abasoiud uvoiud jsoifuej s sfiuwe."

"Oh really?"

"yeah - buh bye"

Yep - I'm lucky to be the wife of a great man, the mom of a sweet boy, sister to 4 awesome brothers, and sister-in-law to a bunch of great guys...not to mention a daughter and daughter-in-law. I really am blessed.

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