Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Squirt does the blogging

I think it's about time I got to have a say on the blog, don't you?

At 16 and a half months old I am very busy. I love to walk everywhere - though I don't always watch where I'm going. I'm constantly tripping over things. I have also recently learned to climb.

I am always on something...

Or in something. I often have red marks and bruises on my head from falling off things - usually the heater. I even climbed up on the table the other day.

This week I have learned to say, "don't touch it" a phrase I hear probably a million times a day. And did you know...

my belly button is pretty awesome?!! I'm always showing it off to anyone who asks to see my "button."

For Valentine's Day Mom made me a heart cake

And I loved it

Grandma gave me a coloring book. Coloring is my new favorite activity. I can even say "ka cur" which means color.

I also spent most of Valentine's Day dumping my hamper out.

And wandering around to see how different my house looks with a hamper on your head.

Quite the change, I must admit.

Even my beanbag chair had to be tried out. Though I found that didn't really feel that different.

Then I decided it was time to give Tey a ride.

Tey is my teddy bear. He is my best friend

Apparently Tey loves being pushed around in the hamper.

Now I just need to convince Mom that I would love to be pushed around in the hamper as well. I've been working hard on emptying my hamper no less than 4 times a day...but she still doesn't get it. Hopefully I can make some headway on that this week.

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