Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine

Can I tell you a secret? I am the luckiest girl in the world. You know why? Cause Sam Robbins decided he wanted to be my Valentine. And he made Valentine's Day so special.

We started off our fantastic evening with Ben and Cody coming over to babysit. We walked out the door and at the end of the railing there was a rose and a note for me. The note told me about the scavenger hunt type thing Sam had set up. Each location we went to was a place that had special meaning to Sam because of memories of the two of us. There were 12 locations in Rexburg. Each one had a note about why that particular place was special and another rose.

Some of the places we went were the temple, our first apartment, the high school, the public library (where I worked in high school) and the home where my family lived just outside of Rexburg. It was bitter-sweet to go around to these places and think that our time in Rexburg may be coming to an end.... anyway....

When I got home I had 11 roses. Then I found the next one - sitting next to a NEW COMPUTER!!! I didn't even see the new printer sitting under the table...

Then we got to have dinner. Cody and Ben made dinner while they were here and they got Caleb into bed. Jeff was out taking the roses and leaving them just before we got there so that they wouldn't freeze.

These roses are different than the others...I've never had so many roses in my entire life.

Thanks Sam for being my Valentine and for making yesterday so special. Happy 7 years since our first date too....we've come a long way since this:
First date - Valentine's Day 2004

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