Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday's post seems rather depressing to me - but I suppose that's just how life is sometimes. I want people to know that we are definitely not perfect in this house and we sometimes have bad days. But we do have better days...and here's why today is better than yesterday.

1. Play group: every Friday morning - sometimes my only lifeline to adult feminine conversations in a week. I love play group!
2. Sleeping in: No school today so the bus driver got to stay home. He watched the squirt and I slept in till 7:30!
3. French Toast: I even made real breakfast today - at 9:00 - my kind of breakfast!
4. Graduate Schools: Narrowed it down to three for applications. Looking at their websites totally sucks me in. I keep thinking every school is the best.
5. Phone Calls: Today I've talked to both of my parents and my sweetie on the phone - through gmail. I love their new phone calling thing!
6. Blogs: I love blogs - I like having a place to write about what's happening in life.
7. Books: I love reading - especially a book we recently got at the library. The Secret Knowledge of Grown-ups. My favorite is that parent's don't tell their kids to eat broccoli just because it's good for them - but because we don't want broccoli to take over the world - so we have to make kids eat it. Though I love that parents make kids drink milk so atomic cows don't explode as well.
8. Panache: My favorite store. I think now that the squirt isn't napping and the bus driver isn't home from campus yet we should go visit.
9. Zuma: A fun computer game - though it is pretty addicting.
10. Princess and the Frog: Though it is a great movie - we have watched it way, WAY too much this week already. We haven't watched it yet today though - and that feels good to me!

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