Monday, February 7, 2011

New Scrapbook Page

This is my little brother, Quinton. Yes, I took the pictures years ago - but I thought they totally fit this scrapbook paper. You wanna know something? Quinton's a pretty awesome guy. He's 13 now and last Sunday he sat down and wrote a 15 page story. He emailed it to me. It was about aliens and trying to keep them from taking over the world. He included each of his siblings (I got to be a famous photographer Ü) and it was a very vivid story. It was fairly easy to imagine everything - which is a big deal because I am so not a science fiction person and usually get lost in details about random guys or objects. It was great. Quinton has a great sense of humor. He is always a bit off in his own little world and he's always saying funny things. For instance...

When Quinton was little he pretended he was a leopard - EVERY day - for at least 6 months. If you said, "Quinton, go get in bed." He would say, "I'n not Quinton. I'n a leopard." If you said, "Leopard, go get in your tree." He'd clamor off to bed without a peep.

When we were at Bryce Canyon for the first time and enjoying the amazing view he said, "You know, if we remodeled Mars it would look like Earth!"

One night at a band concert for another sibling he leaned over to Mom and said, "Pssst! Mom, in the olden days how did they get shaving cream?"

And his most recent:
"You know, the Romans figured out a way to walk through walls. Yeah, it's called doors."

And that was the end of family scripture study without me giggling. For some reason, that was just too funny to me. I couldn't help it. It still makes me laugh. Quinton's good at that. He has been described not as "thinking outside the box" but "he doesn't know the box even exists. He's a great person - you should really get to know him someday.

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