Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Would you belive it?

These two guys are twins....and they're normally considered identical.

Crazy isn't it? It's amazing what costumes, makeup, and hair styles can do. We saw these guys in a play this weekend. They are Cyam's brothers. And they're hilarious.

And they're great actors

It's always fun to see them on stage together. But this time was unique - because one got to clobber the other one over the head...

And then steal his clothes.

They have very similar profiles. I think this picture almost shows that they are twins...

The full cast of See How The Run - Madison High School. These guys did an awesome job by the way. The play was extremely funny and though it had elements of a mystery it wasn't scary. Absolutely amazing, you guys.

Just for a comparison:

See, basically identical twins. It's been weird to me since we saw the play several days ago.

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